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Are you standing at the threshold of the Kingdom of God?  Don't you want to be in that Kingdom?


 This brochure is one of the most informative brochure that you can download.  Did you know you can live in Heaven on Earth?  Yes, it is possible to attain that peace and comfort just by living according to God's standards and not our own.


     This brochure gives the reader step by step instructions on how to enter into the Kingdom of God and not just stand at the threshold.  Why spend your whole life living in misery when you can obtain a pleasurable life.


     Contrary to popular belief, God isn't and evil God making you do things you don't want to.  Neither is God nothing but love and he would never chastise you.   But God is a righteous God, full of truth, mercy and grace.  To create in us people who absolutely loves the relationship we have with our God.


     Eternity with Jesus is the main goal.  If you don't want a relationship with Him now, you won't want to spend eternity with Jesus later.  You don't want to worship Jesus now, you won't be spending eternity worshiping Jesus either.


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Download this Brochure now!  Easy witnessing tool.

Helpful in knowing the truth.

Bible Study starter.  Living in Heaven on Earth!  NOW!

Easy Peasy!  Read it Today!

Don't Delay!  You'll Thank Me For It!  You'll Thank God For It!


Standing at the Threshold of the Kingdom


Did you know that you, too, can live in Heaven on Earth?
Download this flier and read and study it for yourself. This Wonderful Relationship with Jesus is so beautiful that all of the earth's troubles just melt away.  Oh the troubles may still be there, but there is such a peace that the troubles no longer control your thoughts.  Bless yourself and others with this download-able flier. Feel free to make copies and share!


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