Knowledge Trials Joy

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When seeking truth, we trust that the words we read are in fact the truth.


Sometimes in life we lose direction and we need

reminding of God's trustworthy attributes.

These articles will help to maintain that trust, also enhancing that trust.


We are here to encourage one another and to help in any way we can.


The Truth is one of the most crucial aspects when walking with Jesus.

Because if you don't have truth, then it is impossible to have

a relationship with Jesus, because He is Truth.


Any relationship is worth anything is worth the work.

It is the truth in love. Nothing faked, nothing made up.

Pure Holiness through Jesus Christ.


Jesus has earned our trust over and over again.

Dying on the cross is just one of the many, many things Jesus has done for us.


So, please, take your time to learn Jesus.



These articles are a help to those seeking truth

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